SafetyCall Attends The Personal Care Product Council’s (PCPC) Legal & Regulatory Conference

Earlier this month, SafetyCall attended The Personal Care Product Council’s (PCPC) Legal & Regulatory Conference in Quebec City, Canada. The conference was well attended by legal and regulatory leaders within the personal care space, and covered a variety of topics including clean beauty, updates on sunscreen regulations, pending and passed poly- and perfluoroakyl (PFAS) regulations, an address by Dr. Katz …

FDA Food Safety Compliance Initiatives

Presently, although there is no requirement for submitting individual adverse event human case reports involving food products to the FDA the Agency does have the expectation that manufacturers have a strong quality management system in place to document and investigate adverse events.  This will allow the manufacturer to identify unexpected new risks or hazards with their distributed food products and …

EPA and FDA CVM Hold Joint Public Meeting to Hear Comments on Modernization Plan

Last Wednesday, March 22nd, several members of SafetyCall’s regulatory team sat in on EPA and FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) first joint public meeting in which they presented a general and high level rationale and framework for their proposed modernization plan and heard the public’s questions and comments. EPA and FDA gave no specific updates during the …

Employee Spotlight- Kerra Gray, LVT

1.How long have you worked for SafetyCall International?

Since January 2, 2022.

2.What does your job entail (brief overview of your job) ?

As a VIS agent, I answer Pet Poison Helpline and Animal Nurseline calls. These calls come from pet owners concerned either about a potential toxin exposure or a health concern for their pet(s).

3.What is your favorite

SafetyCall Attended The First Personal Care Product’s Council’s MoCRA Working Group Meeting

Last Thursday, March 23rd, SafetyCall attended the first of the  Personal Care Product’s Council’s (PCPC) Modernization of Cosmetics Reform Act (MoCRA) Working Group meetings in New York. Over 100 cosmetics industry leaders and representatives attended the in-depth discussion co-hosted by PCPC and their legal team at Covington & Burling LLC. The session focused on clarification of the law …

Upcoming CHPA Webinar: Your dog ate what?! Managing pet exposures to healthcare products.

Just in time for Pet Poison Prevention Week, Dr. Ahna Brutlag will be featured on a CHPA (Consumer Healthcare Products Association) webinar on March 15th at 2pm EDT! Dr. Brutlag’s presentation will break down the best practice options for managing pet exposures to consumer healthcare products.

More About the Webinar:

Pets are family. Just ask the 78 million pet …

Proposed Change of Agency for Oversight of Animal Health Products

This past Wednesday, March 1st, EPA and FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine hosted a joint information session for industry stakeholders regarding a proposed change of agency for oversight of animal health products, such as flea/tick spot-ons and collars. An estimated 600 products would be impacted by this proposal, expected to take approximately 5 years to implement. This is …

SafetyCall International and Pet Poison Helpline: One team, Two Similar Missions

At SafetyCall, our mission is to make the world a safe place! We do this by reassuring and providing quality care for our clients, their customers, animals and pets by delivering immediate, 24/7 access to clear and trusted health, safety and medical information, and by enhancing and promoting product safety.

To further support animals and the veterinary community, SafetyCall developed …

Employee Spotlight- Christine Messner

1.How long have you worked for SafetyCall International? 

I started with SafetyCall in March of 2021.

2.What does your job entail (brief overview of your job) ?   

I take reports on adverse events and lack of efficacy regarding animal pharmaceutical medications and I also am cross trained to take Pet Poison Helpline calls.

3.What is your favorite aspect of your

Breaking news for cosmetic manufacturers! New mandatory adverse event reporting requirements!

During the 11th hour of 2022, President Biden signed into law the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MOCRA) as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act.  SafetyCall has been closely monitoring the proposed cosmetic legislation for several years and, as anticipated, the MOCRA of 2022 establishes new regulations related to monitoring adverse events and mandatory reporting of all …