SafetyCall’s Industry Expert, Dr. Rick Kingston Speaks at Upcoming Events

Safetycall’s Dr. Rick Kingston will be presenting on serious adverse event reporting (SAER) data and observations during an upcoming AHPA webinar.

Joining Dr. Kingston will be Ashish Talati, a partner with Amin Talati & Wasserman, and one of the industries foremost experts on FDA regulatory matters. In addition AHPA Chief Information Officer Dr. Merele Zimmermann will participate. The topics covered …

SafetyCall Aids Clients with Amazon Disputes

Recently, we’ve been contacted by clients that have had their products pulled from Amazon after individual consumers have posted unsubstantiated allegations that their product caused them to become ill. In some cases, consumers have indicated in their product review that they needed to go to the ER but provided little detail regarding any diagnosis and/or treatment information and whether or …

2019 Top Workplace Award

SafetyCall International/Pet Poison Helpline is excited to announce that we have been awarded our 9th Star Tribune Top Workplace award! The Star Tribune Top 150 Workplaces is an employee nominated award given to Minnesota companies with at least 50 employees who are ranked based on the results of an employee initiated survey. This year, over 2,400 companies participated with over …

SafetyCall International’s Rick Kingston Takes Critical View of Harvard Study Assessing Risks of Dietary Supplements

Recently, Harvard researchers conducted a study involving dietary supplements, later published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, to review adverse event reports from January 2004 to April 2015 using data from the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS). The FAERS is a database that contains line listings of select fields of data from Adverse Event (AE) reports contained …

Listen in as SafetyCall’s Rick Kingston Speaks at FDA Public Hearing

The FDA is seeking public comment regarding the availability of scientific data and information regarding Cannabis or Cannabis derived ingredients.  This has been a difficult topic for FDA considering the fact that such products are still classified as Schedule I substances at a Federal level. FDA is looking for scientific information to help them determine if there is a path

Always Learning

Annie Asplen, Paramedic, MS
Medical Writer, Regulatory Assistant, Senior Information Specialist

Syrup of ipecac, the drug that causes quick and forceful vomiting, was once considered to be an important treatment for ingested poisons. However, as researchers learned more about toxicology, it was eventually discovered that activated charcoal was a better way to prevent the absorption of poisons, and that ipecac …

SafetyCall Weighs in on Statement from FDA Commissioner on Agency’s New Efforts to Strengthen Regulation of Dietary Supplements

Rick Kingston, PharmD
President, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs & Sr. Clinical Toxicologist 
Many SafetyCall clients that manufacturer and distribute dietary supplements have likely seen the recent press release by FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb.
One thing that is clear, the FDA plans to crack down on companies that intentionally adulterate their products with unapproved ingredients. These companies put responsible manufacturers

Quality Control

Annie Asplen, Paramedic, MS
Medical Writer, Regulatory Assistant, Senior Information Specialist

Most of our work is done independently, with team members helping callers one-on-one. Because of this, it can be difficult for our agents to assess the quality of their own work, which is vital to continued improvement. That’s why our quality control (QC) program is in place to help …

SafetyCall International Announces Employee Achievements

It is a great honor to announce that five veterinarians at SafetyCall recently passed the toxicology board-certification exam given by the American Board of Toxicology (ABT). We recognize the hard work and dedication needed to undertake this rigorous exam and are proud to count these newly minted toxicologists among the team at SafetyCall. Our newest diplomats of the ABT are …

Case Studies

Annie Asplen, Paramedic, MS
Medical Writer, Regulatory Assistant, Senior Information Specialist

Some of the case scenarios that we handle at SafetyCall are very common. Whether it’s a dog who chewed on a roach motel or a child who ate too many gummy vitamins, we sometimes get so practiced at handling similar calls that we could recite them from beginning to …