Adopt a Highway

For over 5 years, Pet Poison Helpline has participated in the Hennepin County Adopt a Highway program! Twice a year (usually in the spring and fall) a group of 20 local team members meet up to help keep the roadside beautiful and free of litter by picking up garbage. This instills a sense of community for our team while leaving a positive impact on our environment.  This public service act not only supports our mission state to save pets lives, but it also helps make the world a safer place.

SafetyCall’s Senior Administrative Assistant, Jenna Cueto, helped organize SafetyCall’s involvement in the program back in 2017. She explains why she wanted to bring the program to SafetyCall and what it means to her. “The year I started with Pet Poison Helpline I wanted to help make a difference and was happy when I was asked to help start and run this program. Running this program there is a sense of pride in giving back to the community by promoting highway beautification.  It helps promote teamwork, shows compassion, and also helps me get to know others outside of business hours”.


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