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Today SafetyCall enters the blogosphere with the launch of our blog site. Staying true to SafetyCall’s mission of communicating clear and trusted health, safety, and medical information 24/7, the content of our blogs will reflect just that, information and opinions from health care practitioners with a specialized yet broad area of knowledge. That knowledge relates to a clear understanding of the safety and toxicity of commercial products, both household and institutional, pesticides, dietary supplements, animal health products, food, and drugs. We will write about new trends or research in these areas, regulatory changes that affect the manufacturer, distributor and user, or just what might be on our minds regarding the wide world of health, safety, and medicine. Some blogs will be short snippets of thought or useful information, others longer.

Our practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds and their individual expertise is quite varied, not only in our specific areas of practice but in areas of interest which do not relate directly to our work. SafetyCall practitioners have a long history of working in the area of adverse event reporting for industry, public poison control, knowledge in dietary supplements and their use, the health and harmful effects of alcohol, veterinary medicine’s application to horse racing, sled dogs, critical care medicine, forensic medicine, zoology, venomous animals, pharmacovigilance, and general knowledge of pet health and safety. You can count on us having an opinion on just about anything dealing with chemicals and drugs and their regulation. Of course, the opinions will not be those of SafetyCall but of their practitioners.

Communicating objective and trusted health, safety, and medical information will remain the cornerstone of our practice environment while differences in practitioner opinions and practices provide us with a platform for meaningful discussion that leads to thoughtful discernment and the generation of knowledge for the benefit of our clients, customers, and the public at large. We are presented daily with hundreds of questions and scenarios from all types of individuals, all with a myriad of individual differences, medical issues, and backgrounds. The “I was just wondering if…”, or “do you think that if….I could get…” or “I was following label directions and now I’m wondering why is this product causing…” or “I didn’t follow label directions and now I have….”

With over 2 million contacts to our experience base we have heard it all and also have developed a tremendous experience base from which to develop our opinions and approaches and what makes sense and what doesn’t. We hope this experience can translate to a few extra bits of health, safety, or medical information that you might find useful in this blog. Information that may lead to better health and staying safe.

Here’s to your health,

Leo Sioris

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