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At SafetyCall, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and leadership in the areas of product safety and regulatory mandates concerning adverse event management. Our practitioners are the national leaders in clinical toxicology and are recognized throughout the country for their knowledge and experience. We have professionally authored over 100 product safety position papers and technical reports, published numerous articles and methodical abstracts in leading specialized journals, contributed a variety of book chapters, and given hundreds of scientific presentations in leading qualified venues.

This Knowledge Center provides access to important information industry executives need to know, as well as materials of interest to consumers to promote regulatory understanding, compliance and best practices for total product safety. We will regularly update information in this Knowledge Center to keep you up-to-date as new laws are passed and regulations change.

We hope you will come back often for information of importance to you. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Please contact us to share your thoughts on how we might improve the usefulness of this Knowledge Center to you.