Dietary Supplement Regulatory Virtual Summit Recap

Rick Kingston PharmD, President, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs at SafetyCall International had the honor of presenting at the Dietary Supplement Regulatory Virtual Summit which was held on September 16th. This joint regulatory summit held in collaboration with the FDA was sponsored by key trade associations representing industry which included: AHPA, CHPA, CRN, NPA and UNPA. The Summit included an audience of over 230 attendees representing varied interests throughout the sector. The purpose of this summit was to provide an industry-wide update by FDA and other experts in the field on the changing FDA regulations affecting Dietary Supplements.

Dr. Kingston focused his presentation on details about Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis program and Adverse Event experience. He illustrated how data generated from the Minnesota experience may be important for the FDA when making future decisions about regulating CBD products. Dr. Kingston presented data regarding the safety experience of cannabis including CBD containing products. The presentation that Dr. Kingston presented received lots of positive feedback, and many of the attendees had thoughtful and insightful questions that related back to the information.

As the FDA continues to make decisions on Dietary Supplement regulations pertaining to non-THC cannabinoids, SafetyCall International is staying on top of these changes. Dr. Kingston along with additional experts in the field are able to leverage these safety data as well as input from the FDA to make an informed analysis when sharing information on this topic to future audiences.

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