SafetyCall Publishes Safety Analysis of Adverse Events Involving Pyrethrin Containing Pest Management Products

Scientists at SafetyCall International collaborate with the Pyrethrins Stewardship Program to publish safety analysis of adverse events involving pyrethrin containing pest management products.

Insecticides derived from the Compositae (or Asteraceae) plant family that includes the species Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium have been successfully used in household pest management products for decades.
As with many consumer products, adverse events(AEs) have been reported during post market surveillance. Specific to these products, there has been concern for dermal and respiratory effects. As part of the Pyrethrins Stewardship Program, SafetyCall served as the central medical call center managing and documenting AEs involving these products over a 5-year period. An enhanced questionnaire was used to collect additional information regarding reported AEs which allowed for a more robust analysis of the safety experience. SafetyCall also applied their methodology for assessing individual incidents with a correlation score which helped determine the strength of association between product use and reported effects.
Among other things, results of the 5 year study revealed that despite the wide distribution of such products, adverse respiratory or dermal effects were rare, most AEs were minor in nature, product use was not associated with significant risks, and labeling or other mitigation measures were not warranted.
This work demonstrates the value of using a codified methodology for analysis of AEs involving consumer products.
Link to Published Safety Analysis 

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