Dr. Regehr, Consulting Veterinarian and Veterinary Pharmacovigilance Officer Elected to American Association of Industry Veterinarians Executive Board

The AAIV (American Association of Industry Veterinarians) first approached SafetyCall and Pet Poison Helpline about presenting an educational webinar. Along with Dr. Ahna Brutlag and Dr. Renee Schimid, Dr. Regher presented a joint webinar in 2021 regarding alternate careers in veterinary medicine. This afforded Dr. Regehr an introduction to this group of engaging veterinarians.

Rather than join as a regular member, she put her hat in the nomination ring as executive board nominations were around the corner. Dr. Regehr was elected treasurer of the American Association of Industry Veterinarians (AAIV) in fall 2021 assuming her new role in January of this year.

The AAIV is a federally recognized non-profit organization and an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) allied organization. Formed in 1954, but a group of veterinarians working in the pharmaceutical industry the group supports collegiality among veterinarians outside of the traditional practice setting in addition to knowledge sharing, networking, and mentoring. The Kansas State University Olathe Innovation Campus is the official “home” of the AAIV.

Current AAIV goals are to maintain engagement with current members, seek out new members and partner with corporate sponsors to increase our outreach to the veterinary community. Board members participate in monthly meetings to keep the operations running and are expected to attend at least 1 major veterinary conference annually. One of the exciting opportunities open to all members are free RACE approved webinars and online social networking.

More about Dr. Regehr:

Dr. Regehr has been with safety call since 2017 coming from a small animal private practice co-owned with a business partner. She is a 2001 graduate of Kansas State University, in that time have practiced in both Kansas and Ohio, having done emergency and general small animal practice.

Throughout her career she has had a focus on volunteerism having served inside and outside of veterinary medicine as a part of the Wichita (Kansas) Veterinary Medical Association executive board, Miami Valley (Greater Dayton, Ohio) Veterinary Medical Association executive board, her community’s library executive board at the inception of fundraising for a new building, and various areas both in at her church and in her children’s schools.

Her current volunteership includes a seat on the Board of Directors for the Kansas State University Pet Tribute, Secretary for the FFA Alumni and Friends for the local high school where her son is a junior and daughter will be an incoming freshman. Dr. Regehr and her family have both a hobby farm and row crop farm in Kansas.

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