Dr. Kingston Presenting at Independent Beauty Association’s FDA Cosmetics Regulations Workshop

SafetyCall’s Dr. Rick Kingston will be speaking at this year’s FDA Cosmetics Regulations Workshop held by the Independent Beauty Association. The virtual workshop will feature expert speakers discussing the latest issues and developments within the cosmetic and personal care products industry. Updates will include FDA MoCRA requirements, FDA cosmetic listing, FDA cosmetic facility registration, And other cosmetic labelling requirements and safety standards per MoCRA.

The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act of 2022 (MoCRA) is the first major change to FDA’s cosmetics authorities since 1938. MoCRA establishes the first ever requirement for cosmetic companies to monitor and document all consumer allegations of adverse health effects and report to the FDA those adverse events that meet FDA’s new and revised definition of “serious” adverse events specific to cosmetics.

Dr. Kingston’s presentation will discuss what we know now about MoCRA and new requirements for the industry. He will breakdown the adverse event reporting and record keeping requirements. The presentation will go into detail about the best way for manufacturers to document, assess, report, and maintain records of adverse events.  He will also present best practice approaches to analyzing and benchmarking AE data.

To learn more about the FDA Cosmetics Regulations Workshop and how to register, click this link https://members.independentbeauty.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1762349&group=

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