Animal Supplement Industry Growth

Since the start of Covid-19, the Animal Supplement Industry has seen steady growth and adaptation of its products. More than ever, pet owners are looking into new ways to keep their animals healthy. Consumers that are both new and familiar to this industry are becoming increasingly more cautious and curious about ways that can improve their pet’s mental and physical wellbeing.

The drivers of the industry growth can be credited to pet humanization, ingredient transparency and product accessibility. Over 91% of pet owners now look at their animals as part of the family. People are spending more time with their pets and are recognizing their animal’s health related needs. The Animal Supplement Industry is also growing due to consumers focus on the quality of ingredients. As more products enter this industry, pet owners are being drawn to products that contain the same quality of ingredients as human dietary supplements. Companies in this industry are targeting and obtaining clients faster by marketing their products as containing branded and specific ingredients. Since Covid-19, consumers are looking for ways to easily research, evaluate and obtain items faster. The Animal Supplement industry has shifted their marketing and product accessibility to match these needs. Many companies within this industry promoted and sold products via the internet and social media platforms. Many have also including subscriptions to motivate potential buyers. The new wave of accessibility has allowed this industry to capitalize on the new generation of pet owners.

Because of these key factors and many others, the Animal Supplement Industry has seen exponential growth. As the world is becoming more health conscious, consumers are finding ways to protect everyone in their family which includes their pets.

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