Webinar: The Buzz on Caffeine

Dr. Kingston will join a group of faculty to present a two hour webinar hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists.

“The Buzz on Caffeine: New Developments in Safety, Regulation and Adverse Event Reporting

Caffeine, a methylated xanthine, is the most widely used mild central nervous system stimulant, naturally present in many common conventional foods and dietary supplements.  More than 60 plant species contain caffeine.  While many gaps in research on caffeine currently exist, particularly in regard to safety at various consumption levels, its effects on cognitive and mental performance have long been established.  Recently, the IOM Food and Nutrition Board convened the public workshop “Potential Health Hazards Associated with Consumption of Caffeine in Food and Dietary Supplements” to discuss potential health impacts stemming from the consumption of caffeine in dietary supplements and conventional foods, alone or in combination with other substances found in products commonly referred to as “energy products.”  This IFT Washington DC Section controversy session seeks to expand the presentations of the IOM Food and Nutrition Board meeting.  Speakers James R. Coughlin, Richard Kingston, Richard Adamson, and Rend Al-Mondhiry will discuss current gaps in knowledge and limitations of published data regarding the safety of caffeine for use in foods and dietary supplements, and also discuss the role of industry in self regulation of products.

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