The Importance of Best Practices

As Rick Kingston, President of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at SafetyCall International, has said on numerous occasions, it is important for dietary supplement manufacturers to not only ‘meet the letter of the law’ in regards to manufacturing regulations, but to also define and follow best practices for compliance with these regulations. Dr. Kingston was quoted in “The Tan Sheet” article Vol. 20, No. 20 on May 14 2012 saying, “Best practices are not necessarily written into law. Best practices are essentially a variety of processes and procedures that a company puts into place depending on the type of product, the complexity of the product and the markets it’s being used in.” Rick continues to emphasize this point by explaining that “while it meeting the letter of the law is one product of that, […] if the company truly wants to make sure that their product is doing what it should and no doing what it shouldn’t, they need to think about post-market surveillance in a more holistic and global sense as it relates to the health and wellness of their company.”

To read the full article, visit The Tan Sheet.

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