For SafetyCall Clients, Our Expertise is Peace of Mind

At SafetyCall, our clients often tell us we bring them “peace of mind.” We love to hear that, since our mission is to make the world a safer place by assuring and providing quality care for our clients and their customers. The customer piece is especially important to our clients, and it’s where our Call Center shines.

SafetyCall health care professionals in the Call Center are available to consumers 24/7. If there are any potential or real product concerns, the client is informed immediately. This timeliness is incredibly important to our clients, who trust us and rely on our staff to support their product safety efforts. In addition, all communications with consumers are entered into a database easily accessed by our clients.

“I love my job because it requires me to use my mind and knowledge to help people,” said Deb Lascewski, health information specialist, LPN. “I put myself in their situation, always with a goal of making them feel comfortable. I really like people, so most days this doesn’t really feel like a job. It’s very rewarding.”

Deb’s resume of experience is similar to many Call Center team members. A licensed practical nurse with more than 30 years of experience, she has worked in various clinics and hospitals in internal medicine, pediatrics, orthopedic, surgery, and research.

“We all have our own special way of working with consumers in the Call Center,” said Deb. “There are times when they can feel uncomfortable calling. Sometimes it’s because they aren’t sure they really need to be contacting us, and other times they are experiencing a potential medical situation and are stressed or even in a state of panic. Either way, we always say they did the right thing by calling and reassure them that we can help.”

With a rich 36-year history in professional adverse event management, SafetyCall has managed more than three million cases to date. By studying our clients’ products and interacting with consumers, our Call Center professionals develop deep product knowledge. This, coupled with their medical, toxicology and adverse event management expertise, makes them uniquely qualified to monitor and report medical information back to the client.

In addition to our Call Center services, SafetyCall provides clients with regulatory compliance reporting services for products regulated by government agencies (FDA, EPA, etc.). Information is available here.

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