Listen in as SafetyCall’s Rick Kingston Speaks at FDA Public Hearing

The FDA is seeking public comment regarding the availability of scientific data and information regarding Cannabis or Cannabis derived ingredients.  This has been a difficult topic for FDA considering the fact that such products are still classified as Schedule I substances at a Federal level. FDA is looking for scientific information to help them determine if there is a path forward for the Agency to legitimize such products.
Of more than 400 requests to speak at the hearing, SafetyCall’s Dr. Rick Kingston was one of 72 selected to provide a brief PowerPoint presentation sharing the SafetyCall experience with such products and comment on potential options for the FDA to consider in legitimizing products containing cannabis derived ingredients. SafetyCall has been providing post market surveillance support for a number of medical cannabis manufacturers since 2015 and has recently added a service offering for best practice companies manufacturing CBD containing products.
Interested individuals can view the hearing via webcast here

Rick brings over 30 years of professional experience to the SafetyCall team. His contributions are broad in the areas of clinical toxicology, pharmacology, poison control, product post-market surveillance, and drug and dietary supplement safety. He has helped to shape national policy relating to product safety in many areas and regulatory jurisdictions including, EPA, FDA, and CPSC regulated products. Rick also enjoys his academic affiliation with both the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and the University of Mississippi’s National Center for Natural Product Research, which is an FDA Center of Excellence. He enjoys national speaking engagements where he shares his vast knowledge of product stewardship including best practices related to adverse event post-marketing surveillance and regulatory reporting of incident data.

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