Dr.Kelly Sioris is Awarded Guest Lecturer of the Semester

SafetyCall International is proud to announce Kelly Sioris, PharmD, Managing Partner and Director of Operations has received the esteemed award for Guest Lecturer of the Semester from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota Duluth and Twin Cities. The award winner is voted on by the students. This guest lecturer is recognized because of the positive impact they have made on their students studies throughout the spring semester.

Dr. Sioris has been involved with University of Minnesota since 2009 as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. In 2015, she became a guest lecturer for the Principles of Pharmacology course. The two-hour lecture introduces first year pharmacy students to the basics of clinical toxicology. When asked about why she loved teaching, Dr.Sioris said “I love teaching students as they are so eager to learn. I am very passionate about clinical toxicology so I really enjoy teaching it to others. The students also seem to really enjoy the topics we discuss. I was a pharmacy student once myself so try to teach in a way makes learning fun.”

With efforts from Dr.Sioris and several other employees, SafetyCall has continued to have a strong relationship with the University of Minnesota’s scholarly activities. SafetyCall is formally affiliated with both the School of Pharmacy and the School of Veterinary Medicine. Within these schools, our employees assist in teaching, research, policy development, and are advocates for sound science in regulatory decision making and other services within the schools.

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