SafetyCall Aids Clients with Amazon Disputes

Recently, we’ve been contacted by clients that have had their products pulled from Amazon after individual consumers have posted unsubstantiated allegations that their product caused them to become ill. In some cases, consumers have indicated in their product review that they needed to go to the ER but provided little detail regarding any diagnosis and/or treatment information and whether or not treating physicians attributed their reported effects to use of the product in question. 

In order to get their product back on the market, the clients were required to provide evidence of extensive safety testing that the product had undergone as well as a full assessment of the product and ingredient risk profile. SafetyCall clinicians have been successful in helping companies respond to Amazon requests for an independent safety/risk assessment resulting in the product being reinstated.

Other clients have had similar experiences with brick and mortar retailers that remove products from shelves pending a response from the company regarding the safety of their products after allegations of adverse effects reported directly to the retailer.

If your company finds itself in a similar situation, please feel free to reach out to us. We can help diffuse the concern and get your product back into the market.   

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