Kelly Sioris, PharmD

President and Chief Operating Officer / Senior Toxicologist

Dr. Kelly Sioris is the President and Chief Operating Officer, as well as a Senior Clinical Toxicologist at SafetyCall International. She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy where she serves as Course Director of the Clinical Toxicology class. She has provided several lectures at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, directed pharmacy residents and been a mentor for pharmacy students. She received the Mentor of the Year Award at the College of Pharmacy in 2014.

Dr. Sioris received a Doctor of Pharmacy from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 2008. She completed a post-doctoral residency in Clinical Toxicology with Regions Hospital, SafetyCall International, and the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 2009.

Dr. Sioris has published multiple book chapters, lectures, and invited presentations. She holds a license to practice pharmacy in Minnesota. Her current interests are in the areas of household product toxicology, drugs of abuse, pharmacovigilance and forensic toxicology.