Ag-Chem & Pesticides

SafetyCall manages adverse events for companies in the Agricultural Chemicals / Pesticide Industry.

Animal Health

SafetyCall is the only licensed adverse event call center that handles both animal and human markets.

Dietary Supplements

Your solution for meeting requirements of the Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Act.

Consumer Products

SafetyCall professionals manage adverse events and medical information inquiries for the Consumer Product industry, including personal care products.

Industrial Chemicals

We provide documentation of adverse events with industrial chemical contact and help with regulatory reporting to relevant federal agencies.

Institutional Products

We manage and document adverse events and medical information inquiries for the Institutional Product Market complying with FIFRA and TSCA requirements.

Medical Devices

We manage and report adverse events to help manufacturers comply with Medical Device Reporting regulations under the FDA.

Over the Counter Drugs

Our status as a licensed health care practice works to the benefit of product manufacturers in helping to demonstrate effective product stewardship.

Prescription Drugs

SafetyCall is a licensed health care practice providing adverse event management services in the pharmaceutical industry.

At SafetyCall, Our primary goal is to provide our clients and their customers with immediate access to clear and trusted health, safety and medical information 24/7. At our core is a principled commitment to providing total product safety solution to organizations large and small…Leo Sioris