Team Member Spotlight- Jessica Paske-Driscoll

 1.How long have you worked for SafetyCall International?

11 years

2.What does your job entail (brief overview of your job) ?

As the Operations Manager I am responsible for improving the operational systems, processes, and policies in support of SafetyCall’s mission and vision as well as assisting with research, development, and implementation of new services, product lines, and technologies. I also am very involved in guiding and developing many of our supervisory team members.

3.What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Being of use to others and hopefully having a positive impact on our team, the company, and helping advance our mission is what inspires and drives me. I truly enjoy solving problems and finding solutions to continue improving us as a company as well as developing our individual team members and seeing them grow in their careers.

4.What is the best career lesson that you have learned?

It is absolutely okay and completely normal to not know everything! Bring others into your life that know more about the areas that you are not experienced in – a strong team of diverse minds and experiences made up of individuals that are able to have open discussions and share knowledge and is vital to all aspects of life! It is so important to be curious and ask questions, be open to feedback, and be authentic to you while constantly striving to learn and grow personally and professionally.

5.Which 3 of SafetyCall’s 7 core values and principles do you resonate the most with and why? (Respect, Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Teamwork, Professionalism and loyalty)

That is so tough as I believe they are all so important and are an integral part of me as a person. Since I have been asked to pick just three, I would go with Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork. Being respectful to others and following through on what we say we will do and who we are builds trust which is imperative in any relationship be it professional or personal. Teamwork is what can make us better as individuals and a society! Learning from each other, collaborating, working together towards a common goal with a shared purpose or passion is what inspires and drives me. It is the only we can make positive changes in the world!

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