SafetyCall’s Accepted Poster Presentations at NACCT

Congratulations to SafetyCall’s Drs. Kelly Sioris and Dan Keyler as well as Dr. Rick Kingston, Dr. Dean Filandrinos, and Ryan Seaverson for getting their abstracts accepted to this year’s North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NACCT) meeting!

Dr. Kelly Sioris and Dr. Dan Keyler submitted an abstract titled, “K2 and K9s.”  K2, or synthetic cannabinoids, have become increasingly prevalent in the United States in the past 2-3 years. Healthcare providers for humans have become more familiar with the clinical and psychoactive effects associated with these substances; however, little information is known regarding the clinical experience of K2, or synthetic cannabinoids, in companion animals, especially dogs.  Understanding the presentation of K2 exposures from other drugs affecting the CNS or pathologies could be useful in confirming a diagnosis of K2 exposure, assessing the potential severity of the exposure, and directing patient management.

Dr. Rick Kingston, Dr. Dean Filandrinos and Ryan Seaverson contributed on an abstract titled, “The Pyrethrins Stewardship Program – Prospective Study of Exposures to Pyrethrins Focused on Dermal and Respiratory Effects.” Reports of dermatitis and respiratory reactions associated with use of pyrethrins- containing products have appeared in the medical literature over the last century. The Pyrethrins Joint Venture, in consultation with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, established the Pyrethrins Stewardship Program (PSP) to investigate consumer exposures to pyrethrins-containing pesticides. The objectives of the PSP were to investigate consumer exposures to pyrethrins-containing products in order to evaluate the issue of possible correlation between use and respiratory or dermal adverse effects.


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