SafetyCall International’s, Dr. Rick Kingston, Speaks at DSQC Virtual Meeting

SafetyCall International’s President, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs & Sr. Clinical Toxicologist, Rick Kingston, recently spoke at the Dietary Supplements Quality Collaborative (DSQC) virtual meeting. DSQC’s membership is comprised of multi-stakeholders working to better the quality and safety of dietary supplements. They bring together members across all sectors to promote the safety of supplements. Their mission statement claims to “aim to advance the quality and safety of products marketed as a dietary supplement in the United States in the interest of protecting public health”.

Rick’s presentation gave a detailed overview about the importance of accessing, managing and analyzing data from adverse events for effective product stewardship. He focused the majority of his presentation on two discussions: mandatory adverse event reporting and post market surveillance (PMS). Rick targeted the importance of having these two affairs in place.

SafetyCall is proud to share Rick’s perspective and expertise on adverse event monitoring. Rick is called upon by many associations and conferences as a frequent speaker on this very important topic.

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