Ashley Brown, PharmD

Clinical Toxicologist Manager / Consulting Services

Dr. Ashley Brown is a Clinical Toxicologist and Manager of Consulting Services at SafetyCall International and has been with the organization since 2011.

Dr. Brown received a Doctor of Pharmacy from University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2011. She completed a post-doctoral residency in Clinical Toxicology with Regions Hospital, SafetyCall International, and the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 2012.

Dr. Brown lectures at the University of Minnesota in the Clinical Toxicology Section of the Pharmacotherapy Course series, as well as in Addiction Medicine. She also participates in the College of Pharmacy Mentorship program. She works as a Poison Information Provider and manages cases coming from a variety of sources including; health care providers, the public, regulators, and other clientele. Additionally, she coaches and trains call center staff and holds a license to practice pharmacy in Minnesota. Her current interests are pharmacovigilance and forensic toxicology.