Conquer COVID-19; Spare Pets: Tips for Keeping Pets Safe While Disinfecting Your Home

SafetyCall International is a triple licensed health care practice by the boards of medicine, veterinary medicine, and pharmacy. Our mission is to make the world a safer place for our clients, their customers, animals, and pets. In order to support our animal health clients and pet owners alike will be continuing to share relevant information as it relates to animal

An Update on Cleaning Supplies from Our Toxicologists

There’s a lot of confusion about how to best protect humans and animals during these unprecedented times. People should not intentionally misuse cleaning products for any reason, including attempted treatment for or protection from COVID-19, and that includes their pets. As experts in toxicology, we feel it is important to be clear that the deliberate ingestion or injection of household …

Read the Label

Annie Asplen, Paramedic, MS
Medical Writer, Regulatory Assistant, Senior Information Specialist

Product misuse is a common problem, and it’s often the result of users not stopping to read the label. We understand why not; some labels are so busy, it’s hard not to fall asleep before you’ve even found the directions. As tempting as it is to just to skip …

SafetyCall’s Pandemic Preparedness Plan

We understand that you rely on SafetyCall for 24/7 consumer access to our health and safety experts. We take our commitment in providing this service seriously, which is why SafetyCall International has taken several precautions to keep our employees safe and ensure our service is interruption-free during the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

On Tuesday, March 10, we successfully tested …

SafetyCall’s Dr. Rick Kingston Speaks at Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus

At the initial Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus briefing of 2020, held on February 27th 2020, Dr. Richard Kingston, President, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs and Co-Founder of SafetyCall International, educated congressional staffers on the types of evidence used to monitor dietary supplement safety, including adverse event reports, emergency room visits and poison control center data. Dr. Kingston is an expert on …

Alphabet Soup: A Q&A about CBD with Pet Poison Helpline

By Tabatha Regehr, DVM
Associate Veterinarian &
Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, DABT, DABVT
Director of Veterinary Services

Cannabidiol, frequently referred to as “CBD”, is gaining in popularity and interest by pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. At Pet Poison Helpline, we get a lot of questions about the safety of CBD and the number of poison control consults regarding CBD …